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MOBITRAC USA LLC  is the go-to and most professional company for your commercial harvesting needs for your lake and or pond. With our expertise in outfitting lake associations, businesses, cities and homeowners, we have the experience and right information to help solve your problems in a timely and cost effective manner.

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MOBITRAC Aquatic Plant Harvester is an amphibious machine, PROUDLY BUILT for the USA.

In compliance with the newest CE marking and EPA Approved according the latest rules and regulations.

MOBITRAC is  engineered to be extremely versatile on land, water, eco-sensitive waterways and wetlands. Their machines are currently being used in many industries and governments all over the world.

MOBITRAC is incredibility maneuverable and its unique weight distribution design makes it possible to carry various weights on land and water. Allowing a single operator to comfortably and safely work in hard to access areas, such as retention ponds, wetlands, river embankments, and canals.

MOBITRAC easily drives up and down a trailer, pulled by a normal car. Its lightweight design makes all kind of terrain easily accessible.

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Construction, 1 year.
Engine, 2 years.
Hydraulic components, 1 year.

Certified Experience

MOBITRAC is the only machine being certified for:

Safe Construction and Safe Operation. And has the “Attestation for “Material Flottant “


Working and developing for over 30 YEARS, made it possible for MOBITRAC to deliver a product with outstanding performances.

Great Support

MOBITRAC USA is renowned for their support and commitment to all of their existing or even potential customers.

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