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MOBITRAC AMPHIBIOUS 5070 is designed with all comfort in mind.

Ergonomically luxury designed, adjustable driver seat and height adjustable armrests.
Folding Sun/Rain cover protecting the driver.
Double joystick operation, Left Joystick, for driving the MOBITRAC, buttons to operate the
hydraulics ON/OFF and REVERSE.
Right Joystick, for lift/tilt of front arm, buttons for weight distribution and horn.

Allowing the driver to handle the MOBITRAC smoothly and with much confidence.

Besides that the MOBITRAC is the only machine being certified for:

Safe Construction and Safe Operation. And has the “Attestation for “Material Flottant “ certificate.



3 cylinder Yanmar diesel engine, Final TIER 4 in accordance with the current EPA emissions. Built-in Stop function if engine overheats or oil pressure is too low.

Fuel tank

Mechanical Fuel gauge, Approx. 7.9 gallon, Engine runs about 1 gallon per hr.

Electric system

12 V, 40 A generator and 45 Ah battery


Set of Work lights


Driving Pumps: 2 x 21 CC
Driving Engines: 2 x 160 CC   Low leak and stronger.
Pump for accessoires:  11 CC
Hydraulic Tank: 18.5 gallon.
Combination-screening filter (flow and return), higher performance of the hydraulic pumps. Energy saving, longer lifespan. Better cooling and Settling of the hydraulic fluid.
Weight distribution is with a cylinder
(NOT with a chain) Safety first.

Flow divider

Adjustable flow 0-10 gallon/min

Cooling system

Combination radiator cooling for motor and hydraulic system.

Right hand joystick

For lift/tilt of front arm.
Three buttons to operate weight distribution and horn.

Left hand joystick

For driving and operating the MOBITRAC.
Three buttons to operate the hydraulics ON/OFF and REVERSE.


Pontoons are made of Saltwater-resistant Aluminum Almg3, with double setting – making it stronger and light in weight.

Each pontoon with 2 compartments, with built in bilge pumps.

Steel structure Hot-dip galvanized and all colored parts are powder coated.

The drive belts, specially designed and made for the MOBITRAC.

Are made with Oil / Water Resistant textile, therefor easy to clean.

MOBITRAC is sold CE marked

Environmental choice

Hydraulic eco-friendly oil, (18.5 gallon) that replaces the standard
HV-ISO 46 hydraulic oil


Start panel Engine indicators:

An Oil pressure, Coolant temperature, Tachometer, Chronometer,
Voltmeter light indication, Alternator Charge, Glow plug and Altitude compensation.

Electric box:

3 switches: 1 for lights, 1 for bilge pumps L/R, and 1 for switching ON/OFF hydraulic flow.

Driver Seat

Ergonomically luxury designed, adjustable driver seat and height adjustable armrests.

Front lift

Lifting power 550 lbs. (approx.)
QC bracket for fast and easy exchange of tools.
One long safety lock-pin.

Dimensions and weight

Length 15’4 ft
Width 6’8 ft
Height 6’9 ft

Weight: 2.580 lbs. (approx.)

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