The excavator can be attached to the front of the MOBITRAC aquatic plant harvester. This way the combination becomes a floating excavator with unique possibilities.

Now the MOBITRAC excavator is well adapted for cleaning inflow and outflows to lakes, digging works in canals, ditches, around bridges, cable laying, etc.

The excavator-arm is controlled from the driver’s seat with two coordinated levers placed on a middle bracket that can easily be adapted to the drivers needs.

The excavator technical information

  • Digging radius: 20 ft.
  • Digging depth: 10 ft.
  • Weight arm: 550 lbs.
  • Valve packet with 2 coordinated levers for turn, lift, bucket and bar
  • Total weight of unit: 716 lbs.   

The excavator is delivered with 2 supporting legs.

Details attachments for excavator:

MB-B-30L Bucket

7 gallon bucket

Weight approx. 99 lbs.

MB-B-50L Bucket

13 gallon bucket

Width: 2 ft. 

Weight approx. 99 lbs.

MB-W 90 Root knife

Width: 2 ft.

Weight approx. 99 lbs.

MB-B-60 Digging rake

Width: 3 ft. 

Weight approx. 99 lbs. 

MB-W 400 clam, Clamshell bucket

Width: 2ft. 

Weight approx. 99 lbs.